Every Bird In Angry Birds 2 – Complete Roster And Guide

Angry Birds 2 brings back all your favorite fowl from the original games plus exciting new birds with unique abilities. With so many birds to unleash destruction with, it can be hard to keep track of them all!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview: Angry Birds 2 features over 60 playable birds including classics like Red and Chuck plus additions like Silver and Professor Pig. Birds have different abilities ranging from bursting into flames to inflating like a balloon.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover every playable bird in Angry Birds 2. We’ll provide details on birds from the original series and new additions, highlighting their powers, ideal uses, and more. Whether you’re a novice or expert, this article will help you master the diverse Angry Birds 2 roster.

Classic Birds from Previous Games


Red, also known as Red Bird, is the iconic bird that started it all. He is the main protagonist in the Angry Birds franchise. With his signature scowl and determination, Red is a great all-around bird. He doesn’t possess any special abilities but makes up for it with his straightforward and reliable attacks.

Red is perfect for beginners and a go-to choice for many players.


Chuck, the yellow bird, is known for his incredible speed. When tapped, he accelerates forward, making him perfect for breaking through obstacles or reaching distant targets. Chuck’s speed can be a game-changer, allowing players to complete levels quickly and efficiently.


Bomb, the black bird, is an explosive expert. When tapped, he inflates and explodes, causing significant damage in a wide radius. Bomb is ideal for taking out structures or eliminating multiple enemies at once. His explosive power can turn the tide of a challenging level.


Matilda, the white bird, is a healer and a bomber. When tapped, she drops an explosive egg that can clear obstacles or defeat enemies. Additionally, Matilda can drop an egg that acts as a healing potion, restoring the health of nearby birds.

Her versatility makes her an essential addition to any player’s roster.


The Blues, also known as the Blue Birds, are a trio of small birds that are controlled as a single unit. When tapped, they split into three, allowing players to hit multiple targets at once. The Blues’ ability to divide and conquer makes them excellent for dealing with tightly packed structures or taking down multiple enemies simultaneously.


Terence, the big red bird, is a powerhouse. He is known for his size and strength, capable of smashing through even the toughest obstacles. Terence may not possess any special abilities, but his sheer force can make a significant impact in any level. Sometimes, brute strength is all you need!


Bubbles, the orange bird, has a unique ability. When tapped, he inflates like a balloon, becoming much larger. Bubbles’ expanded size allows him to push structures or enemies away, creating space for other birds to attack.

His ability to manipulate the environment makes him a valuable asset in certain challenging levels.


Hal, the green boomerang bird, has a distinctive boomerang-like flight pattern. When tapped, he changes his trajectory mid-air, making him perfect for hitting targets that are hard to reach or hidden behind obstacles.

Hal’s ability to curve his flight path gives players an advantage in certain tricky situations.

These classic birds have been fan favorites for years and have made appearances in various Angry Birds games. Each bird brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the table, allowing players to strategize and tackle levels in different ways.

Experiment with different combinations of birds to find the perfect team that suits your playstyle, and remember, practice makes perfect!

Fresh Faces Introduced in Angry Birds 2


One of the new birds introduced in Angry Birds 2 is Silver. Silver is a sleek and speedy bird with a silver plumage. She has the ability to spin in mid-air and attack enemies from all angles. Silver is a great addition to your flock, especially when you need to hit those hard-to-reach pigs!


Poppy is another new bird that you can unlock in Angry Birds 2. This feisty little bird has a bright pink color and a contagious energy. Poppy’s special ability is to create a shockwave that can push nearby objects and pigs away.

Use Poppy strategically to clear a path for your other birds and maximize your damage!


Luca is a charming new character in Angry Birds 2. This blue bird is known for his impeccable aim and accuracy. When you launch Luca, you can control his trajectory mid-flight, allowing you to hit those hard-to-reach targets with precision.

Don’t underestimate Luca’s small size – he packs a powerful punch!


Dahlia is a purple bird with a knack for puzzles. She has a unique ability to split into three smaller birds, each with its own trajectory. This makes Dahlia a versatile bird that can attack multiple targets simultaneously.

Use Dahlia’s splitting ability strategically to take down those tricky structures and earn extra points!


Willow is a graceful new addition to the Angry Birds 2 roster. This bird has beautiful feathers and a calm demeanor. Willow’s special ability is to create a gust of wind that can blow away obstacles and pigs.

Use Willow’s gust of wind strategically to clear a path for your other birds and maximize your destruction!


Sophia is a fiery bird with a burning passion for revenge. This bird has the ability to create a trail of flames as she flies through the air. The flames can burn through obstacles and defeat pigs with ease. Use Sophia’s fiery power to your advantage and watch as the pigs tremble in fear!


Pine is a tough and resilient bird in Angry Birds 2. This bird has a spiky exterior that can cause damage to pigs and structures upon impact. Pine’s special ability is to curl up into a ball and roll through obstacles, demolishing everything in its path.

Use Pine’s rolling ability strategically to create chaos and earn high scores!


Gale is a powerful bird with the ability to summon a tornado. This bird can spin in a whirlwind motion, creating a tornado that sweeps away pigs and structures. Use Gale’s tornado strategically to clear a path and create massive destruction. Gale is a force to be reckoned with!

Unique and Legendary Birds

Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle is a powerful bird that can be unlocked in Angry Birds 2. This legendary character possesses incredible strength and can be used to clear out entire levels with ease. Once activated, the Mighty Eagle swoops down and obliterates everything in its path.

It’s the perfect bird for those challenging and hard-to-beat levels!

Professor Pig

Professor Pig is another unique character in Angry Birds 2. As his name suggests, he is a highly intelligent pig who loves to invent and create new contraptions. In the game, Professor Pig can be used to strategically disrupt the defenses of the enemy pigs.

His inventions and gadgets can be a game-changer, providing players with an advantage in their quest to defeat the pigs and save the eggs.


Stella is a female bird with a vibrant and colorful personality. She brings a refreshing twist to the game with her ability to generate powerful shockwaves. These shockwaves can push objects and pigs away, creating opportunities for players to strategize and aim for maximum destruction.

Stella’s unique power makes her a valuable asset when it comes to conquering those tricky levels.

Judge Peckinpah

Judge Peckinpah is a stern and authoritative bird who brings order to the chaotic world of Angry Birds 2. With his gavel in hand, he delivers justice by slamming it down and causing massive damage to his targets.

Judge Peckinpah’s strong sense of righteousness and his ability to bring swift punishment make him a formidable ally in the fight against the villainous pigs.

Each of these unique and legendary birds in Angry Birds 2 adds a new dimension to the gameplay. They bring their own special powers and abilities, allowing players to approach levels in different ways.

Experimenting with these birds and finding the best strategy for each level is part of the fun and challenge of the game!


With an all-star lineup of over 60 playable birds, Angry Birds 2 provides endless variety for executing the perfect attack. This guide covers every bird’s strengths and best uses, new and old. Whether you stick with trusty Red or experiment with unique new fowl, you’ll have the ultimate Angry Birds 2 roster at your fingertips to defeat those conniving pigs!

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