How To Unlock And Ride Bird Scooters: A Step-By-Step Guide

Bird scooters provide a fun and convenient way to zip around cities and neighborhoods. But before you can take one for a spin, you need to know how to unlock a Bird. This comprehensive guide will walk you through step-by-step instructions for finding, unlocking and riding Bird electric scooters.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview: Download the Bird app, set up an account, find an available Bird nearby, scan its QR code to unlock it and adjust the handlebars. Pay to end your ride in the app when you’re done.

Downloading and Setting Up the Bird App

Creating an Account

To begin your Bird scooter adventure, the first step is to download the Bird app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Simply go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Bird – Enjoy the Ride.”

Once you find the app, tap on the “Download” or “Install” button to start the installation process.

After the app has finished downloading, open it and click on the “Sign Up” or “Create Account” button to create a new account. You will be prompted to enter your email address and create a password. Make sure to choose a strong password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

Once you have filled in the required information, click on the “Sign Up” button to proceed.

Adding a Payment Method

Before you can unlock and ride a Bird scooter, you need to add a payment method to your account. This ensures that you can pay for the scooter rental and any additional charges that may apply.

To add a payment method, open the Bird app and navigate to the “Payment” or “Wallet” section. Here, you will be given the option to enter your credit card information or link your PayPal account. Follow the on-screen instructions to input your payment details and verify your account.

Pro tip: If you’re concerned about security, consider using a mobile payment app like Apple Pay or Google Pay. These services provide an extra layer of protection by encrypting your payment information and using a unique token for each transaction.

Inputting Personal Information

After creating an account and adding a payment method, you will need to input some personal information to complete your profile. This helps Bird ensure the safety and security of its riders.

Open the Bird app and go to the “Profile” or “Settings” section. Here, you will find options to input your name, phone number, and other details. Some cities may also require you to provide a photo of yourself for identification purposes.

Important: Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information. This will not only help Bird verify your identity but also ensure that you receive any important notifications or updates regarding your account.

Once you have completed these steps, congratulations! You are now ready to unlock and ride Bird scooters. The next section will guide you through the process of finding and renting a scooter.

Locating Available Bird Scooters

One of the first steps to unlock and ride a Bird scooter is to locate an available one near you. Here are a few ways to find Bird scooters:

1. Check the App’s Map

The Bird app provides a map that shows the locations of available scooters in your area. Simply open the app, allow location access, and you’ll be able to see the scooters nearby. The map will display icons representing the scooters, making it easy to locate them.

Pro tip: The Bird app also provides additional information about each scooter, such as its battery level, so you can choose one that suits your needs.

2. Look for Birds Lined Up on Sidewalks

When walking around the city, keep an eye out for Bird scooters parked neatly in designated areas. In some cities, Bird has set up designated parking spots for their scooters. These spots can often be found along sidewalks or in specific parking zones.

Look for rows of scooters lined up and ready for use.

Fun fact: Bird scooters are designed to be easily spotted with their bright colors and distinctive logo. So keep an eye out for these eye-catching scooters!

3. Spot Ones Ridden and Parked by Other Users

Another way to locate available Bird scooters is by keeping an eye out for ones that have already been ridden and parked by other users. These scooters can be found in various locations, such as near popular landmarks, parks, or transportation hubs.

Sometimes, people may park Bird scooters in areas that are convenient for them, making them available for others to use.

Tip: If you spot a Bird scooter that has been parked improperly or is obstructing pedestrians, report it through the app so that Bird can address the issue.

Scanning the QR Code to Unlock the Bird

Unlocking a Bird scooter is a simple process that can be done using your smartphone. The first step is to locate the QR code on the baseboard of the scooter. This code is unique to each scooter and is used to identify and unlock it.

Find the Code on the Baseboard

When you approach a Bird scooter, take a moment to look at the baseboard. You will notice a small QR code sticker attached to it. This sticker contains the necessary information for unlocking the scooter. It may be located on the handlebars or near the footboard.

If you are having trouble finding it, try looking for the Bird logo or a label that says “Scan to Unlock.”

Open Camera and Scan QR Code

Once you have located the QR code, open the camera app on your smartphone. Make sure the camera lens is directed towards the QR code. Most modern smartphones have built-in QR code scanning capabilities, which means you don’t need to download any additional apps.

Simply position the QR code within the camera frame, and your phone will automatically recognize and scan it.

Pro tip: If your camera is not able to scan the code, try adjusting the lighting or distance between your phone and the QR code. Also, ensure that your camera lens is clean and free from any smudges or dirt.

Listen for Unlock Sound

After scanning the QR code, you will hear a distinctive sound that indicates the scooter has been successfully unlocked. This sound serves as confirmation that you can now ride the Bird scooter. It’s important to listen for this sound to ensure that the unlocking process has been completed.

By following these simple steps, you can easily unlock a Bird scooter and start your ride. Remember to always ride responsibly and follow local traffic laws and regulations.

Adjusting the Bird and Taking Your Ride

Fold Down the Kickstand

To begin your ride on a Bird scooter, the first step is to fold down the kickstand. The kickstand is located at the rear of the scooter, and by simply pushing it down, you can stabilize the scooter while you adjust the handlebar height and prepare for your ride.

Adjust Handlebar Height

Next, it’s important to adjust the handlebar height to a comfortable position. To do this, locate the lever or knob on the front of the scooter’s handlebars. Loosen the lever or twist the knob to adjust the handlebar height, and then tighten it back to secure the desired position.

It’s crucial to find a height that allows for easy maneuvering and a comfortable riding experience.

Wear a Helmet!

Safety should always be a top priority when riding any type of scooter, including Bird scooters. It is highly recommended to wear a helmet while riding to protect yourself in case of any accidents or falls.

Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the risk of head injuries, so don’t forget to grab your helmet before hopping on a Bird scooter.

Obey Traffic Laws

When riding a Bird scooter, it’s essential to obey traffic laws, just like you would when riding a bicycle or driving a car. This means stopping at red lights and stop signs, yielding to pedestrians, and following the flow of traffic.

By adhering to these laws, you not only ensure your safety but also contribute to the overall safety of other road users.

Remember, riding a Bird scooter can be a fun and convenient way to get around, but it’s important to take the necessary precautions and be mindful of your surroundings. For more information on Bird scooters and safety guidelines, you can visit the official Bird website at

Happy scooting!

Ending Your Ride and Locking the Bird

Find Approved Parking

Once you have reached your destination and are ready to end your ride, it is important to find an approved parking spot for the Bird scooter. This ensures that you are not obstructing pedestrian walkways or blocking access to buildings.

Look for designated scooter parking areas or areas where other scooters or bicycles are parked. If you are unsure about the parking regulations in your area, check with your local municipality or transportation department for guidance.

End Ride in App

To officially end your ride and stop being charged, you need to use the Bird app on your smartphone. Open the app and navigate to the ride screen, where you will see an “End Ride” button. Tap on this button to signal the end of your ride.

Make sure to confirm the end of your ride on the app to avoid any additional charges. It’s always a good idea to double-check that the ride has ended successfully before locking the scooter.

Lock Kickstand to End Session

Once you have ended your ride in the app, it’s time to lock the Bird scooter to officially end the session. Locate the kickstand on the scooter and engage it by pressing it down until it locks into place. This will prevent anyone from riding the scooter while it is locked.

Locking the kickstand also helps to ensure that the scooter is securely parked and won’t roll away. Remember, always lock the scooter properly to avoid any potential accidents or theft.

By following these steps, you can safely and responsibly end your ride and lock the Bird scooter. Remember to always park in approved areas, end your ride in the app, and lock the kickstand to secure the scooter. Happy riding!


With the Bird app installed and a few scooters unlocked, you’ll be ready to start enjoying these electric vehicles wherever they are available. Riding Birds is an awesome way to zip around while reducing traffic and emissions.

Just be sure to park properly, obey laws, and ride safely each time you use them.

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