Why Is The Movie Bird Box Called Bird Box?

The post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box caused quite a stir when it arrived on Netflix in 2018. Viewers were enthralled but puzzled by the movie’s cryptic name. If you’ve wondered about the significance behind the eerie title Bird Box, read on to uncover the meaning at the heart of this psychological horror film.

Bird Box is called Bird Box because of the pivotal role birds play in the story. In the film, birds begin to act erratically when supernatural entities are near, making them an early warning sign.

Birds Sense the Supernatural Threat

One of the main reasons why the movie Bird Box is called Bird Box is because birds play a crucial role in the story. In the movie, birds possess a unique ability to sense the presence of the supernatural threat that has taken over the world.

These invisible entities, when near, cause birds to become agitated and react in a way that alerts the characters to the imminent danger.

Birds react when invisible entities are near

In the movie, it is revealed that the invisible entities that have taken over the world exude a certain energy or presence that is detectable by birds. Whenever these entities are nearby, birds start to exhibit signs of distress such as fluttering, squawking, or attempting to escape.

This ability makes birds an essential part of surviving in this post-apocalyptic world, as they serve as early warning systems for the characters.

Seeing an agitated bird means danger is close

One of the key scenes in the movie is when the characters, who are blindfolded to avoid seeing the entities, carry a box of birds with them. Whenever the birds inside the box start to react and become agitated, it is a clear indication that the supernatural threat is in close proximity.

This allows the characters to take immediate action to protect themselves and avoid the danger.

The concept of birds sensing danger is not entirely fictional. Birds have long been known for their keen ability to detect changes in their environment, including the presence of predators. Their sharp senses and cautious behavior have made them a reliable indicator of potential threats in nature.

While they may not be able to sense the supernatural like in the movie Bird Box, their role in the film serves as a fascinating and unique twist on their natural abilities.

Characters Use Birds to Detect Danger

The movie Bird Box gets its name from a significant element in the storyline – the use of birds by the characters to detect danger. In the movie, the protagonists are forced to wear blindfolds to avoid seeing supernatural creatures that drive people to commit suicide.

However, they soon discover that birds have the ability to sense the presence of these creatures, providing them with a warning system that helps them navigate their perilous journey.

Covering bird cages muffles warnings

One of the ways birds are utilized in the movie is by placing them in covered bird cages. When the creatures approach, the birds become agitated and start chirping loudly, alerting the characters to the imminent danger.

However, when the bird cages are covered, the warnings are muffled, making it harder for the characters to detect the approaching threat. This adds to the suspense and tension in the film, as the characters must rely on other senses and instincts to stay safe.

Releasing birds indicates imminent threat

Another crucial aspect of the bird symbolism in Bird Box is the act of releasing the birds when danger is near. Whenever the characters sense that the creatures are close, they release the birds from their cages as a signal that immediate danger is imminent.

The birds’ ability to detect the presence of the creatures serves as a valuable early warning system, allowing the characters to take necessary precautions and prepare for the impending danger.

The use of birds as a survival tactic in Bird Box adds an intriguing layer to the film’s narrative. It highlights the resourcefulness and adaptability of the characters as they navigate a world engulfed in darkness and uncertainty.

The reliance on birds to detect danger creates a unique dynamic and showcases the ingenuity of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

The Bird Box Provides Safety

One of the main reasons why the movie “Bird Box” is called Bird Box is because it provides safety to the characters in the story. Throughout the movie, the characters are faced with a mysterious force that drives people to commit suicide.

To protect themselves from this threat, the characters must wear blindfolds and avoid looking at the entities that cause people to take their own lives.

Blindfolds block characters from seeing entities

The blindfolds in the Bird Box serve as a crucial element in the characters’ survival. By blocking their vision, the characters are able to avoid seeing the entities that drive people to madness. This act of blindness becomes a form of protection, as it prevents the characters from being influenced by the malevolent force.

The blindfolds create a sense of vulnerability but also serve as a shield against the unknown.

This concept of using blindfolds as a means of protection adds a unique twist to the movie. It raises questions about the limitations of our senses and the power of perception. By depriving the characters of their sight, the movie explores the idea that sometimes ignorance can be a form of self-preservation.

Being in the dark box hides people from threat

In addition to the blindfolds, another aspect of safety in the Bird Box is the idea of being in the dark box. The characters in the movie seek refuge in a house where all the windows are covered and the rooms are kept in darkness.

This darkness acts as a shield, hiding the characters from the outside threat.

The concept of hiding in the dark box adds to the suspense and tension in the movie. It creates a claustrophobic atmosphere, where the characters must rely on their other senses to navigate their surroundings.

The darkness becomes a symbol of safety, as it keeps the characters hidden and protected from the entities that lurk outside.

The theme of safety in the Bird Box highlights the lengths people are willing to go to protect themselves and their loved ones. It explores the idea of sacrificing one sense for the sake of survival and the importance of finding safety in a world filled with danger.


With birds acting as an early alarm system and the box providing a safe haven from supernatural forces, the title Bird Box directly represents key elements of the film’s plot. The next time you see a bird fluttering nearby or a dark enclosed space, the sinister implications from this suspenseful thriller may just come to mind!

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