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Dr. Jane Smith

Dr. Jane Smith has over 20 years of experience working hands-on with a wide range of species, from common household pets to exotic zoo animals. Her passion for animals and science led her to pursue a PhD in Zoology, specializing in animal behavior and wildlife ecology. Since then, Dr. Smith has led impactful conservation projects around the world, cared for endangered species populations, and authored dozens of research publications.

At Fauna Advice, Dr. Smith and her team understand there are many misleading resources when it comes to factual animal information. From busting myths about popular pets to covering rarely documented species, they focus on sharing up-to-date details and answering pressing questions. Whether you love lions or bugs, crocodiles or kittens – Fauna Advice has something for all animal lovers!

We cover everything from pet tips to exploration of exotic species. Our goal is making information engaging and accessible, while still backing it with scientific authority. As advocates for wildlife, we also connect our content to conservation efforts – so readers can help animals while learning.

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