Birds That Start With P

Top 33 Birds That Start With P (With Pictures)

Are you a true bird lover? Maybe you already have some of these cute little animals in your home, or you like to watch them in the wild? However, have you thought about expanding your collection? Birds can help with anxiety, and they are also a great companion to talk with! Alternatively they are a lot of fun to observe in the wild. Keep on reading as we discover some of the prettiest and coolest kinds that start with the letter P!

Top 33 Birds That Start With P

1. Plushcap

Image Source:@juanrojas8_9

Who wouldn’t want to have this little, adorable creature as their pet?! The Plushcap is a unique and elegant species of bird. Males and females look the same, although males are larger. Oftentimes this bird is linked to Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. They are not easily scared, and they will blend in well with other kinds of birds.

2. Parrot

Image Source:@parrot.cassiopea

All of us have owned a parrot, or at least have known someone who has a parrot. If you want a bird that is going to be a helpful little addition to your home, that can learn new words with ease, a parrot is a must! Did you know that parrots are one of the most intelligent bird species? They can even live up to 50 years.

3. Palawan Tit

Palawan Tit
Image Source:@bird_drangsland

Such an extravagant little bird! It is a unique species that has a pop of yellow on its underbelly. Its has its roots in Calauit and Balabac in the Philippines. You can tell males and females apart. The back is bright yellow in males and olive in females. You will enjoy their yellow hue that is easy to spot among trees in the wild.

4. Pitohui Bird

Pitohui Bird
Image Source:@forestry_heritage

Pitohui bird is so chic in its own way. Have you ever seen this type of bird out and about? Pitohui is a genus of birds endemic to New Guinea. It is also a rare kind that contains toxins. Do not touch it too much or annoy it since it can become aggressive. You will easily spot this kind since it is so fluffy and unique.

5. Pallid Dove

Pallid Dove
Image Source:@jorgebedoyabirder

Pallid dovea are cute medium-sized birds that will add so much character to your home if you keep them as pets! It is found in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It can grow up to 26cm long and has a range of different plumage colors. In the wild, it can mostly be found in places that are over 800m above sea level.

6. Pallid Harrier

Pallid Harrier

Pallid harrier is a bird that you will encounter in loads of different parts of the world, but mostly Europe and Asia. Adults measure 40–48 cm in length and they are cute and chubby-looking when it comes to their appearance.

7. Palm Lorikeet

Palm Lorikeet
Image Source:@victor_zhuo

Green, cheerful, and majestic looking, this birdie comes in tons of different colors. It is very distinctive with its curved, bright orange beak! These bird can grow up to 17cm in size. Males and females look different: males have a red chin and females have an orange bill.

8. Puffback Bird

Puffback Bird
Image Source:@sdphotography_za

This little Puffback bird has a distinctive and intriguing pop of blue to it. You will easily spot it in the wild. They measure about 17 cm in length, and the sexes are similar though easily distinguishable when you know what to look for. Males have deep blue-black lines while females have a black loral stripe. You will mostly spot them in pairs when out in the wild.

9. Pelican

Pelican Bird
Image Source:@beaug54

Pelicans are often spotted together in pairs or in larger groups. Pelicans are a genus of large water birds that make up the family Pelecanidae. They inhabit lakes, rivers, and coastlines in many parts of the world. Length-wise they can reach up to 180 cm.

10. Plain Pigeon

Plain Pigeon
Image Source:@fredyruiz64

A plain pigeon is one of the most common birds in the world and in the wild. You’ll spot it around almost every corner. It is found in Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. A large pigeon can grow up to 38 cm. The female is slightly smaller and duller than the male, which means that you will easily tell them apart.

11. Pacific Dove

Pacific Dove
Image Source:@bhagyashreeagwan

Some birds are have a chubbier look compared to other kinds. This is one of the features that makes this one easy to spot in the open. This species can be found in the wild in rainforest, wet woodlands, farms, gardens, mangroves, and coastal heaths. It is naturally and commonly found in Indonesia and Australia. Do not overfeed them since they can get fat pretty easily.

12. Parrotlet

Image Source:@flightedfeathers

How cute is this parrotlet?! You won’t miss its gracious beauty when you see it yourself on the wild. Pacific parrotlets are the smallest members of the parrot family. They are also known as pocket parrots. If you end up having one yourself just know that it will live up to 30 years and stay by your side for so long.

13. Pine Siskin

Pine Siskin
Image Source:@phrankberes

So picturesque and easy to interact with. It is also one of the most common kinds worldwide. Pine Siskins are very small songbirds with sharp, pointed bills and short, notched tails. You will easily spot their brown and white, mottled patterns. Expect them to grow up to 14cm.

14. Peacock

Image Source:@drknaim

Who doesn’t love to see a peacock? These are magnificent and gorgeous birds that have that royal and elegant beauty to them. All peacocks are believed to have originated in Asia, but they now naturally inhabit Africa and parts of Australia. This colorful and magnificent bird will live up to 20 years!

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15. Pacific Swallow

Pacific Swallow
Image Source:@amy_choon

This species breeds in tropical southern Asia and the islands of the South Pacific. It will grow up to 13cm. It is a fast, persistent, and lively little bird. It doesn’t have specific dietary needs either. Make sure to take care of it and let it fully adjust to your surroundings.

16. Pygmy Batis

Pygmy Batis
Image Source:@adiemcdermott

Such an unusual kind and a rare flying creature for you to spot out in the wild. Pygmy batis has a unique beak and is so pretty and distinctive. You will easily spot a small batis with typical black, white, and gray markings. It is super small, only growing up to 10cm. Its origin is linked to parts of north-eastern Africa.

17. Painted Stork

Painted Stork
Image Source:@pixel_of_wings

At first, this bird can look scary or intimidating. However, as you can see, they don’t mind having their picture taken. It is found in the wetlands of the plains of tropical Asia, south of the Himalayas. It can grow up to 160cm. Like all storks, they fly with their neck outstretched whih is one of its distinctive features out in the wild.

18. Palm Tanager

Palm Tanager
Image Source:@jason_tiesman_birdphotography

Do you think that this little palm tanager is simply gorgeous? It is a smaller bird but with a lot of visual “power”. This tanager is a resident breeder from Nicaragua south to Bolivia, Paraguay, and southern Brazil. The bird is very friendly and social, you can often find it hanging with other kinds of birds in the wild.

19. Piping Hornbill

Piping Hornbill
Image Source:@milankamenar

Have you ever seen this kind in the world, or maybe in a local zoo or bird collection where you live at? It is very unique and special because of its black feathers and wrinkled-looking, pointy beak. This bird can grow up to 45cm. You will also easily spot it since when in flight, it has very distinctive bicolored wings. It also eats often, consuming large amount within one day.

20. Puna Ibis

Puna Ibis
Image Source:@wallartphotography

Puna ibis has a cool name for starters. When it comes to its colorful feathers, you can see that it resembles a peacock. There is a lot of different kinds out there. The northern bald ibis is critically endangered, with fewer than 1,000 existing in the wild. It has long legs, a long decurved bill, and a patch of bare, reddish facial skin.

21. Plover

Plover Bird
Image Source:@jgwildphoto

The plover looks like such a cool and cute little creature. It is mostly a beautiful, pure white color. In this picture, we can see a mom and her little chick. Piping Plovers are sandy grayish-brown bird with white underparts. You can find over 40+ different kinds out in the wild. Expect them to grow up to 18cm.

22. Piculet

Image Source:@kelderwildlifepictures

Piculets are such fun and unique little creatures. This one is quite different than other kinds that are on our list. You can find 29 different kinds of piculet species out in the wild. These birds can grow up to 14cm. Mostly, they are found in Guiana and Argentina.

23. Penguin

Image Source:@dearth_evader

Although penguins don’t look like your typical bird, they still fall within this category. Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds. They can vary in size and weight. Adults will reach an average of 1.1m in size and will weigh an average of around 35 kg. Have you ever seen one in person?

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24. Peafowl Bird

Peafowl Bird
Image Source:@poisedpoultry

Peafowl bird is one quirky and unique-looking bird. The blue peafowl generally makes the best pet, as it is more adaptable, tamer, and less aggressive than other types. This kind is a lot like a peacock, just with a unique fluffiness early on in its development.

25. Partridge

Image Source:@larisazarinaphoto

The Partridge is such a cool and cute little kind of bird. It looks quite fluffy and funny in terms of its appearance. Partridges are native to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. You will see them often out in the wild since they are commonly used as game birds.

26. Ptarmigan

Ptarmigan Bird
Image Source:@peregrination.nature

Ptarmigans are so elegant when it comes to their unique color combo and commanding presence.  Ptarmigans are a bird in the genus Lagopus. It is usually pretty  tall and can weigh up to 500 grams. These are also a common target for hunters. It is quite a popular species in the US and Canada.

27. Phalarope

Image Source:@alex.lamoreaux_wildlife

One more bird that looks unusual and that might stand out when it comes to this list. Wilson’s Phalaropes almost always lay a clutch of exactly four eggs! These birds are so unique and you can tell males and females apart. Females have rich gray color and males often take the role of raising the young.

28. Pied Myna

Pied Myna
Image Source:@1989_rubul

Have you ever seen Pied myna out in the wild? If you did, you were probably mesmerized by its pops of red color. These birds are usually found in small groups mainly on plains and low foothills. You will like them because of their cool colors and beautful song. They are free and wild.

29. Plain-backed Thrush

Plain-backed Thrush
Image Source:@sikkim_birds

Plain-backed thrush is the common name for the species Zoothera mollissima. It is often found in China. It is small and petite, and quite cute when compared to other kinds.

30. Purple Swamphen

Purple Swamphen
Image Source:@birdsofmelbourne

Do you like this purple swamphen? It is definitely one of the biggest birds on our list that you can spot out in the wild. Purple Swamphens are proficient swimmers and you will be amazed by their skills. They are usually linked to eastern and northern Australia.

31. Picochato gargantinegro

Picochato Gargantinegro
Image Source:@jhonathanmiranda1

A cute bird with an amazing and mesmerizing color pattern. You won’t spot a lot of birds with this lime green color and grey tones. It is found in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Alone or in pairs they forage in the thickets at the edge of the forest, sometimes following mixed-species flocks.

32. Pochard

Image Source:@kallevlarsson

You have to admit that pochard looks a lot like a duck! It is a rare bird that is comfortable in the water. In winter and spring, male pochards are very distinctive due to their plumage, and bigger than females. These birds can grow up to 46cm. You will often spot them in England and Scotland.

33. Pintail Bird

Pintail Bird
Image Source:@majorleaguefowl_

This pintail bird is so cute! It looks like an interesting combination of a duck and a penguin, wouldn’t you agree? This is why you’re going to spot it with ease out in the wild. Northern Pintails are elegant, long-necked ducks that are linked to parts of Europe and North America. You will spot males with chestnut-colored heads and grey bodies. Females are more slim and graceful.

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